When Three British Boys Traveled to Medieval England (Or Did They?)
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A tale of loyalty and friendship that stands the test of time, in any era, Timeslip is a factual but light-hearted novel set in London in the s. It opens up a new perspective for the reader, exploring the lesser-documented festive streets and allowing them to experience it for themselves.

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The author was inspired by authors such as Joseph Conrad, T. Eliot and William Boyd. Timeslip makes an informative and exciting read for anyone with an interest in historical fiction or the history of their surroundings.

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Be the first to review this book. Nina lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and two teenage sons.

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Timeslip is a British children's science fiction television series made by ATV for the ITV network and broadcast between and The series centres on. Cheryl Burfield, Spencer Banks, Denis Quilley. Top-Rated Episodes. Part 1 - When a young girl vanishes near a derelict naval station in St. Oswald, a fantastic series of events is set in motion which sends teenagers Simon Randall and Liz Skinner back in time to

She has a BA in History and English. Her career has been varied, but it is her fascination with unusual aspects of social history that drives her to write fiction based on historical fact. Her first novel, Timeslip , is a light-hearted historical fiction with a difference in that the two main protagonists travel back to Through their eyes readers are taken around the streets of London that were literally throbbing with life and where, for many, every day had a sense of occasion.

Nina also felt compelled to write about Alexis Soyer, the Victorian French chef who achieved so much in his short lifetime and yet is now almost forgotten.

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Violet is determined to control her future. We hope that you will find the site a useful resource about the series and we also hope to bring you a few surprises along the way. Contact Us. Namespaces Article Talk. A number of people claim to have experienced time slips around Bold Street in Liverpool, England, with several people from the s seemingly going back to the s or s and finding unexpectedly cheap goods in the area's shops.

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View Cart. In some cases people have experience two time dimensions at the same time.

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This case of was investigated by a journalist from a local newspaper Liverpool Echo, name of journalist not yet identified. He is now out of breath and expects the security guard to turn into the street and get him any moment, but he keeps running hoping he will find a way to escape.

When Three British Boys Traveled to Medieval England (Or Did They?)

Sean gets back on Hanover street but everything looks different. The roadworks he had seen a few minutes before had disappeared. People are all dressed in a more formal and old-fashioned way and stare at him. Sean gets to Bold street and notices traffic lights in places where they should not be and bushes and a small park he had never seen before next to the Lyceum building.

Time Slips - do time slips exist? What causes time slips?

He also notices a bar he knows but although the name is the same the signpost is different. He keeps walking without a plan of action in a very confused state and eventually starts entering into panic. The only way he can explain all this is that he has a experienced a timeslip into the past.

go He has already been in the past for some minutes, and worries that he will be stuck there and never return. The thought of his friends and loved ones reminds him of his mobile phone.

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He gets his mobile out but he has no signal. When he passes in front of a newspaper kiosk on Ranelagh street next to the central station he goes and has a look at the date on the newspaper. It was Thursday the 18th of May of He had gone back 39 years.