Thats All She Wrote

Thats All She Wrote
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Buy u a bag of fritos i wouldn't let u eat the fucking chip on my shoulder.

If you was bleach and i was hair i wouldn't die for ya Tryna pull 5 bucks from me is like tryna pulling 5 molars You get your eyes swole up i'm on my straight grizzly So why would i buy you a gay ass teddy you're already bi-polar [chorus 2 - eminem] Now i don't really care what you call me You can even call me cold These bitches know as soon as they saw me Its never me to get the privilege to know?

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  • That's All She Wrote.

Get Back Up. No Mercy. Big Picture.

Everything On Me. Poppin Bottles. Lay Me Down.

Fast & Furious T I That's all she wrote ft Eminem

Castle Walls. Yeah Ya Know Takers.

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Got Your Back. Ya Hear Me.

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Ernest Tubb recorded a song entitled That's All She Wrote (sheet music published in ), but earlier printed references exist (e.g. The Brownsville Herald. What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'That's all she wrote'?

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