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Look at most chefs arms or constant home cooks arms, there working there arms using sharp knives professionally sharpened that will slide through a butternut squash with ease. If you need recommendations to Japanese trained sharpeners than let me know. References given at jmbullman69 yahoo. Cheaper, yes. Easier, no.

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Nice article-relevant spam, but I really do like having veggies ready to go. Chopping logs with an axe is exercise, chopping veggies is preparing a meal. I like to prepare some foods ahead of time for a busy week, keeps us on track with healthy choices leaving time for work outs, playing with the dogs and meaningful mental exercise.

As someone who lives on my own, a pre-bagged salad saves me time and also money from throwing out veggies, especially lettuce. I make a big pan of them at the beginning of the week.

I add onions and peppers when cooking. Sometimes we add a little of precooked sausage too.

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I find that the eggs last for at least 4 days in the fridge. I do the same thing, I buy organic frozen veggies and cook them in a pot.


At Healthy For Life Meals, we take the work — and the guesswork — out of healthy eating. In less than five minutes, you can get started on a meal plan that's . Fresh, nutritionally balanced, fully prepared weight loss meal plans delivered, or you pick up! Designed to help you reach your weight loss and other health.

Quick freeze veggies really are the way to, and many companies freeze them just after cutting them, which traps in the nutrients. Yeah science disagrees. My reality is that I have lost 27 pounds in 9 weeks by skipping lunch most days. Only 35 pounds to go…. When I did IF, my core body temperature dropped — like a rock.

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People are too diverse of a genetic pool to say one thing will work for everyone. THAT is the myth. You have some severe medical issue that needs attention if your core temperature dropped to any significant level due to a 16 hour fast. My first fasting day was ok, but continued IF slowly but surely brought my metabolism to a screeching halt. I was COLD as my body prioritized calories for other uses. Does that take into account environmental variances from activity, like body builders, marathon runners and cubicle workers??

First you gain weight, because your body opens up the fat it stores.

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Then, once that energy is used you begin to lose weight. But first you gain it. The time should include prep-time in the total, making it a 3-minute breakfast burrito. This is all such great advice but I especially like the paragraph that began with Keep it Simple. Well said! For breakfast I usually do a protein shake with almond milk! When I was on diet I used Pinterest to get new ideas about my meals. Thanks to this inspiration I have been able to lose pounds. I started to write a blog, because I think that motivation and success must be shared.

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Have a good backup meal planned for dinner in case the day goes awry. For me, it is progresso light soups; or salad with ham or egg and light dressing. That way if I eat badly in the day, I can still stay within my calorie limits. These are both roughly calories.

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You can add other vegetables if you want, or a tablespoon or 2 of hummus if you want. Return it to the micro for seconds. After pulling it out of the micro, use a spoon to loosen the entire bottom of the omelet by scraping around the sides in one continuous motion, then flip one half over the other using the spoon. Let it cool for a minute or so, then eat it with the same spoon you used to flip it over. Spice it if you wish. I sometimes add fresh basil or a spoon of goat cheese instead of cheddar. This tastes super good and can be easily varied, and I can always do it on the run and for less than calories for a high protein, low carb meal.

Just a note concerning water intake, the recommendation from the Institute of Medicine is for all fluids, including all beverages and foods. The article reads as if a woman should be drinking 90 ounces of water every day. The IM recommendations are more like 72 ounces of combined beverages.

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Hi Kristina — I agree these tips. If it comes in, then I will somehow end up eating it. What do you think of meal plans? Having each meal planned out in advance so there is little room to eat something unhealthy. Thank you for this vegetarian recipe post, I love vegetarian food and I was searching for this recipe last two weeks and finally I got it in your blog. I am very glad to read to read this recipe thanks again for this nice post.

Eating on a schedule is really great and you can never go wrong with water, always stay hydrated! Awesome life hacks! I need to take note all of these. Thanks for the advice! Thanks for all the Great Tips for eating more healthy! Looking forward to a more healthier lifestyle. Your email address will not be published.

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