Easy to Make, Hard to Forget: The Basics

Why You Forgot Everything You Learned At School (And How To Change That)
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For example, your diet plays a role. If your cholesterol , blood pressure , and blood sugar are too high, the blood vessels in and around your brain can get clogged or damaged.

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A Harvard study showed that people who eat more saturated fat found in meat and dairy products do worse on memory tests than those who eat less. If you're trying to make better food choices, consider the Mediterranean diet. This way of eating -- which features omegarich fish, heart -healthy olive oil, and plenty of fresh produce -- has been linked with protecting thinking and memory.

Guess what else is just as good for your memory as for the rest of your body? Regular exercise. It promotes blood flow to the brain. You should be getting 30 minutes each day. And you need regular sleep , which helps your brain file memories so you can access them later on. If you smoke, stop. It damages blood vessels. Research shows heavy drinking will mess with your memory. Moderate drinking no more than 1 drink per day for women or 2 for men , though, might actually protect it. Memory slips do seem to get worse through the years. You slowly start losing brain cells beginning in your 20s, and certain chemicals that these cells need also decline.

It makes sense that your memory is sharper at 25 than at 55 or Major memory changes don't always signal Alzheimer's disease. They can be caused by strokes, head injuries , lack of vitamins in your diet, or sleep trouble. When in doubt, see a doctor to sort it out.

There are red flags that might reveal a more serious problem. And if you live with someone whose personality has changed or seems confused -- he's not sure where he is or what year it is -- get him to a doctor. No one has a perfect memory, and it's OK to have some lapses, even if you're still young.

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Quick Tricks There are things you can do to improve your recall day to day. You may have to organize or reorganize your life a little: Get organized. Stash the items you misplace often in the same spot, and they'll be less likely to go missing in the future. Install a key hook and cell phone charging station so they have dedicated places. Companies like Netflix , Trello , and Airbnb , for example, have all hit the nail right on the millennial head.

Slack is much like those programs.

What’s Normal?

It offers so many general functions that we take for granted and, until Slack, probably neglected more often than not. Slack helps us cut down on email communication immensely, which is a huge plus for those of us who forget to check their inbox.

Why Do We Forget Things?

Made with by Rdbrck. Personalize your learning techniques. Use a Pomodoro Clock. And if you have any specific questions, the forums mentioned above are great places to get some basic advice. Songs and chants are predominantly used with young children but are also very effective for adult learners.

Instead of those gambling emails, you can turn to Slack for all of your communicative needs. Slack is an incredible tool for allowing remote workers to be part of a team.

With a custom status, you can let your team know your working hours, which will also make it easier to schedule team meetings. This channel can be anything, work-related or not.

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You know, just in case it gets in the way of your productivity. The uploading and sharing of files via Slack is way more efficient than adding attachments to emails. Slack lets you share images, PDFs, videos, spreadsheets, and so much more. All registered Slack users can set up an email forwarding address in the preferences. You can use this to forward any emails you receive that might be beneficial to the team to your workspace.

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These emails can be anything from customer feedback, to resumes, to customer intel, which you and your team can then go over. What have you got to lose? Those listed here are just some of the many fundamental features Slack has to offer - all of which you can use straight from your desktop with Shift.

The Science of Memory

All emails include an unsubscribe link. You may opt-out at any time. Please review our privacy policy , terms , and EULA to learn more. I consent to receive email communication from Shift. Made with by Rdbrck. Shift is not sponsored by or affiliated with Google, Inc. Gmail is a trademark of Google, Inc. Sure you could use email, but Slack is just so easy… Slack is the team collaboration software of our dreams.

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Why is Slack so good? How about the follow-up emails to ensure everybody had read it? Imagine telling yourself that a decade ago. The Basics of Slack The mind has an endless capacity for information. This seems to be the most common when it comes to things we do or things we use.